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Concrete Form Work in Central Alberta

Bildex Construction is known for its expertise installing basement foundations. This reputation is the result of being able to handle every aspect of the installation process for each and every customer. One important part of this process is properly installing concrete form work. Every plot of land is unique, and depending upon factors like the expected design load and the ground's load-bearing capacity, unique concrete forms must be constructed. With this in mind, Bildex Construction crafts individual forms for individual needs to provide guaranteed results. What you can expect is a sound and sturdy foundation upon which you can build value in your home throughout the years.

Expert Concrete Form Work

You do not want to trust the construction of your home's basement foundation to anyone but the best. Bildex Construction has been serving the needs of homeowners in Central Alberta for over 15 years, offering the highest standards of craftsmanship, as well as customer service. The ability to provide a comprehensive range of services, from trenching and excavation to installation and backfilling, separates Bildex from most of the competition. Concrete form work is another area where Bildex offers decades of combined expertise. Homeowners who work with Bildex have the peace of mind that every necessary measure is taken to ensure a completely sound and solid basement foundation.

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Whether you are a first-time homeowner or a seasoned pro building anew, call us today with any questions you may have about the installation of your basement foundation. The professionals at Bildex Construction are happy to discuss your individual needs and even provide a free estimate for your project. Call us today!