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Basement Foundations in Central Alberta

Any homeowner who has had to deal with a problematic basement foundation will tell you that it is something you want to avoid at all costs. This is precisely because of how costly it can be to repair cracks, leaking, mold, and generally, instability in the foundation itself. In the case of a new home build, it is extremely important to have your basement foundation properly installed by an experienced professional in order to avoid problems down the road. With an improperly installed foundation, you are susceptible to everything from moisture and mold to greater damage such as structural shifting and a significant decrease in property value. This can all be easily avoided by working with a company that offers comprehensive services and exhaustive experience in all areas of basement foundation work. If you live in Red Deer, Stettler, Innisfail, Lacombe, or any of the surrounding towns, you owe it to yourself to work with the best when it comes time to lay the foundation for your new home.

Comprehensive Basement Foundation Services

Bildex Construction provides a full range of basement foundation services, from excavation and installation, to backfilling and waterproofing. One of the greatest advantages of working with Bildex is that we are a one-stop solution for all of your basement needs, using only the latest and best products and equipment for each and every project. There are many things to consider when laying the foundation for a new home, especially when you are thinking in terms of long-term value. Excavation, road preparation, trenching, and backfilling are just a few of them. Homeowners all over Central Alberta have come to trust Bildex Construction for good reason. Homes are built from the ground up. Bildex ensures that your basement foundation is constructed to the highest standards, allowing you to consistently add value to your home throughout the years.

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Bildex Construction is happy to provide a free estimate for your upcoming residential basement foundation project. Whether you are laying a conventional or custom foundation, Bildex is able to handle the entire project, from planning to successful completion. Call us today for a free estimate or to have any questions that you may have answered by a knowledgeable professional.